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hormonal implantI’ve had my Nexplanon implant for around a year with absolutely no bleeding (except for the first week I got it inserted) and about 2 months ago I started a very heavy period and it has not shown any signs of stopping. This bleeding is painful and I’m not sure how much longer I can take it!

Nexplanon (a type of birth control that is implanted under the skin of a women’s upper arm and lasts for at least 3 years) is very effective in preventing unplanned … read more

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Will I have to take medication if I get diagnosed with PCOS? I believe I have PCOS and am looking into getting a diagnosis this year, but I don’t mind not having my period and do not want to have to take medication that will give me my period. Do I have a choice or will I be forced to take meds?

You should always have a choice in your medical treatment and never be forced to take medicine. With that being said, if you have any of the usual symptoms of … read more

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