I have twin 14 year old daughters. I am wondering, what are the best vitamins for them?

Updated 15 April 2022 under Ask Us.

Great question! The best​ way for your daughters to get all of the vitamins that they need is by eating a varied diet that includes a good variety of different fruits, vegetables, […]

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dietary iron

Is it good to eat non vegetarian foods when I have my period?

Updated 3 February 2021 under Ask Us.

Adolescent females have higher iron needs than guys do because of the blood loss experienced during their period. You can get iron in your diet from a variety of sources […]

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Girl taking a pill

I read that taking birth control pills can help lower the risk of getting anemia. I have already been diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia; will going on the pill help?

Updated 21 October 2015 under Ask Us.

Birth control pills are often prescribed by health care providers to treat certain medical conditions such as heavy periods. Because there is less menstrual bleeding when taking birth control pills, […]

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dietary iron


Updated 8 May 2022 under Health Guides.

Iron is a mineral that helps build red blood cells, which is especially important for growing teens. Most importantly, iron helps your blood cells carry oxygen, which provides energy throughout […]

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