I woke up one day and when I stood up a gush of blood (mostly liquid blood) coming out during my period and it never happened again. Did something bad happen?

Updated 6 November 2023 under Ask Us.

Great question! The short answer is yes, it’s totally normal to have a period that fluctuates based on where you are in your cycle and what you are doing during […]

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Menstrual Period: How to Prepare for your First Period

Updated 10 September 2022 under Health Guides.

Ever wondered about how to prepare for your first period? A great place to start is by understanding the “why” – why does a uterus menstruate? Next, get to know […]

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I’m having period cramps and it really, really hurts. What are the best tips?

Updated 9 July 2022 under Ask Us.

This is such an important question! Menstrual periods may be light and easy for some people, but for others, they may be heavy and/or accompanied by painful cramps. We’re sorry […]

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What happens if I get my period at school?

Updated 6 May 2022 under Ask Us.

Great question! The best way to prepare for your first period is by creating a plan. Most teens who live in the United States, experience their first menses (period) between […]

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Are there any side effects from Depo-Provera (injectable birth control)? I haven’t had my period since I received my first injection one month ago. Should I be concerned?

Updated 18 March 2022 under Ask Us.

Thank you for your question! Most teens receive their first Depo-Provera injection during the first five days of their last normal menstrual period, which provides protection against pregnancy right away. […]

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girl on toilet

A few days ago, when I went to the bathroom, there was brown stuff in my underwear! I have never had my period and I don’t know how to tell anyone, please help!

Updated 11 October 2021 under Ask Us.

Take a big deep breath, everything is going to be fine! Brown discharge can happen before, during, or after your period. However, if it’s your first time having brown discharge, […]

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I haven’t had my period since April, before that it had been absent for 6 months, before that 4 months. Now it’s gone again, is there a pattern? My aunt had PCOS, could I also have PCOS? Should I be worried about it?

Updated 27 August 2021 under Ask Us.

Periods, hormones, and timing don’t always make a good trio, which is super frustrating. However, developing a strong understanding on the things that can impact hormone regulation and in turn […]

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I had my first period at age 12, but I haven’t have another one since. I am 16 years old now. What is wrong with me?

Updated 4 August 2021 under Ask Us.

This is such a great question, so glad you asked! Amenorrhea (pronounced “a-men-or-re-ah”) means absent or no menstrual period. There are two different types of amenorrhea, primary and secondary. Primary […]

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My pregnancy test was negative and I used protection, but my period is 9 days late. Should I be concerned?

Updated 10 May 2021 under Ask Us.

Yes, it’s still possible to be pregnant even after a negative pregnancy test and successful protection use. When condoms are used 100% effectively, they provide 98% chance of protection against […]

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I got my first period 7 months ago but it hasn’t come back. Is there something wrong with me?

Updated 21 October 2019 under Ask Us.

Thank you for your question. It is very common to have irregular periods during the first few years after starting menstruation (periods). During the first year, most girls have at […]

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