MRKH Conference

This annual conference is an opportunity for teens and adolescents between the ages 14-25, who have been diagnosed with MRKH, and their families to come together for education and support. 

The conference will be entirely virtual on Zoom. The conference is Saturday, November 5th from 9am-12pm.

Saturday, November 5th @ 9:00AM EST – Saturday, November 5th @ 6:00AM PST

Saturday, November 5th @ 9:00AM EST – Saturday, November 5th @ 7:00AM MDT

Saturday, November 5th @ 9:00AM EST – Saturday, November 5th @ 8:00AM CDT

Saturday, November 5th @ 9:00AM EST – Saturday, November 5th @ 1:00PM WET

Saturday, November 5th @ 9:00AM EST – Saturday, November 5th @ 3:00PM CET

Saturday, November 5th @ 9:00AM EST – Saturday, November 5th @ 4:00PM EET

Tickets are free, but pre-registration is required. Click here to  sign up.


17th Annual MKRH Conference Schedule – November 5, 2022

** Subject to Change**

08:45-09:00   Logging in

09:00-09:10   Opening Remarks & Welcome – Emily Haffner BSN, RN, CPN

0910-09:45    Keynote: MRKH Presentation “General Reproductive Health” – Dr. Jessica Shim

09:45-10:20   Guest Speakers: “Journey with MRKH”

10:20-10:30   Bathroom/Snack Break

10:30-11:15   Discussion/Activity Groups:

          1. Dilation Journey’s from Beginning to End
            • A co-led discussion geared towards patients who are interested in beginning/restarting dilation therapy for the creation of a vaginal canal.
            • Discussion will include the medical dilation process, recommendations for patients and parents about dilation, and also hearing from a guest speaker about her own journey and advice about when it is best to begin dilation
          2. Intimacy and Relationships
            • A co-led discussion following a presentation from one of our guest speaker/MRKH advocate on the broad definitions of sex, sexuality, and promoting individual sexual pleasure as well.
          3. History and Progress of Interventions for MRKH (Parent-only group)
            • A co-led discussion with a gynecologist provider and MRKH advocate/guest speaker who recently conceived through IVF and induced lactation to breast feed her own child
            • Provide information on the history of MRKH (history of diagnosis, progression of treatments)
            • Provide information on where we currently lie with treatments such as dilation, discussing fertility, IVF, uterine transplant, etc.

11:15-12:15   Break Out Groups

          • Newly diagnosed and younger teens
          • Older Teens
          • Young Adults
          • Parent Group #1
          • Parent Group #2*
          • Siblings, friends, significant others

12:15-12:25   Panel Discussion with Faculty – Q&A

12:25-12:30   Closing

*Second group depending on attendance