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I noticed when I exercise my heart will beat really fast and strong (like it’s coming through my chest), but I can never feel my pulse. I did some research and I am curious, could I have an arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm) or heart disease? Should I see a doctor or can I diagnosis it myself?

Thank you for your question. Heart disease is fortunately rare in teenagers. Some children are born with a birth defect of abnormal heart valves, a hole between 2 parts of … read more

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I am currently on the birth control pill (BCP). This month I decided to skip the placebo week “sugar pills” and just start a new pill pack. I’ve heard that when you to do this you’re supposed to have spotting, but I haven’t. I have sex regularly, could this be a sign that I’m pregnant or did I just get lucky?

This is a great question, so glad you asked! There are many different reasons why people use the “birth control” pill (BCP.) Some may use the pill  to prevent pregnancy, … read more

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