Endometriosis Research

Endometriosis Awareness RibbonsThe Center for Young Women’s Health participates in research, studying many health issues that affect young women. Dr. Laufer, Co-Director of the Center for Young Women’s Health and Chief of Gynecology at Boston Children’s Hospital is devoted to caring for young women with endometriosis and is determined to help find a cure. As a gynecologist, Dr. Laufer has treated both young and older women with endometriosis and has recognized that symptoms including; painful periods, pelvic pain, painful urination, etc, often begin during the teenage years. These symptoms are frequently misunderstood and treatment is commonly delayed when early treatment is possible. Dr. Laufer has spent most of his career not only caring for adolescent girls with endometriosis; helping to relieve their pain and preserving their fertility, but also conducting research studies to help find a cure.

With your support Dr. Laufer and his research team can jumpstart and accelerate innovative studies to:

  • Improve early diagnosis of endometriosis
  • Identify better treatments to decrease pain and progression
  • Determine if vitamin supplements and an anti-inflammatory diet can suppress symptoms
  • Make progress on a noninvasive test to monitor disease progression and severity
  • Answer fundamental questions that could lead to a cure

Your donation to the center can help make a difference and put an end to endometriosis. It’s time!