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birth control pillsI have an appointment with my doctor to talk about birth control, because my period symptoms are difficult to manage. What questions should I ask? Are there any questions they may ask me? How do I know if I am receiving the right pill for me?

Awesome question and great job advocating for yourself! There are a lot of different methods for birth control methods (pills, patches, rings, injections, implants, intrauterine devices (IUDs), etc.) available, so … read more

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Does birth control stunt your growth? Rumor has it you’re only supposed to go grow 2 inches after your start your period, but I’ve grown 8 inches since it started. I got my period 2 years ago and now I am thinking about birth control. I am just worried I will stop growing if I take it.

Great question! It’s very unlikely that since you have already started your period that your growth won’t be effected by the birth control pill. In most teens, by the time … read more

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