Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Updated 8 November 2022 under Health Guides.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a type of psychological treatment that focuses on changing the ways we react to negative, false thinking patterns and behaviors. CBT may be used by […]

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depressed girl

I think I’m becoming depressed. I really hate myself and I have no motivation to socialize or to do work. My parents don’t believe in me and just aren’t supportive. Are there ways I could go to therapy without them knowing?

Updated 15 December 2021 under Ask Us.

Thank you for outreaching to us. It is really brave to admit when you are struggling and ask for help. Because you’re 18, you are entitled to privacy in your […]

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I’m going to start going to therapy soon. I know there’s nothing wrong with going to therapy and there’s nothing wrong with me because of it. But it feels wrong with the stigma and all. How do I deal with the stigma and stay cool and all that?

Updated 31 December 2020 under Ask Us.

Thanks for your question. Starting therapy to better understand yourself and how you respond to life is outstanding. Congratulations on moving forward with this. It takes strength to look at […]

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I’m a homeschooler, and things at home are getting rough. I’m stressed all the time, but I don’t feel like I can tell my parents. I don’t have outside resources. How do I get counseling without them knowing?

Updated 15 July 2020 under Ask Us.

We are sorry to hear things have been difficult at home. With COVID-19 precautions, so many young people are feeling stuck at home and many are struggling with challenging family […]

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I feel very insecure about everything from my own labia, my sexuality, and the topic of sex. It fuels my depression and I need to talk it out. Is it okay to tell my therapist, even if I go into detail?

Updated 29 October 2019 under Ask Us.

This is a an excellent question, and it’s great that you are asking it! Finding clarity and support with these concerns will hopefully help you feel a lot better and […]

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girl panicking

I have a lot of panic attacks for instance before exams or an oral presentation. I did some yoga exercises to learn how to breathe calmly but it didn’t help. It isn’t easy to live with panic attacks. What can I do?

Updated 5 September 2018 under Ask Us.

Panic attacks are extremely difficult to deal with. The symptoms, which can include shortness of breath, chest tightness, sweating and stomach upset are frightening and may make people worry that […]

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Recently I have stopped experiencing emotions and am having weird and scary thoughts. I am not experiencing any guilt. My friends think I am getting really manipulative. Is something wrong with me?

Updated 14 May 2018 under Ask Us.

It sounds like you are noticing some changes in how you think, feel and behave that worry you, and that your friends also notice some changes in you. Sometimes when […]

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I’m usually a happy person, but sometimes I feel upset and inclined to self-harm. However, since I’m not diagnosed with Bi-Polar depression I don’t feel like I deserve help. Is it just a phase? How can I get over this if I’m not validated?

Updated 20 January 2017 under Ask Us.

Some moodiness is normal throughout the teen years, but especially in the early teens. It’s possible that this is a phase and you will feel better in time. However, if […]

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