I have a large birth mark on my face. I am really worried that I will never find true love? Will I find someone who loves me even though I have a birth mark?

Updated 21 December 2020 under Ask Us.

Every single person on this earth is uniquely beautiful, both inside and out, in his, her, or their own way. It’s not uncommon for someone to be born with a […]

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I have been fat since childhood. I think I might have an eating disorder. I feel guilty after eating my meal, and then weigh myself like 100 times in an hour. I want to lose about 10 kg. What is your advice?

Updated 17 September 2020 under Ask Us.

It sounds like you could benefit from meeting with a qualified mental health provider to discuss the feelings of guilt you have around eating as well as working to improve […]

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Lately my body image has been poor about myself. I honestly feel so ugly and it makes me sad and depressed. I honestly feel like no one will think I’m cute or even pretty, and compliments I do get I throw down. How can this feeling be stopped?

Updated 7 October 2019 under Ask Us.

Thank you for submitting this important question! Poor body image is a difficult feeling that many teenagers (and adults) deal with. During the teenage years, there are many changes happening […]

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I have chronic anxiety, a poor appetite and low grades which I feel are due to my low self-esteem. How do I overcome this?

Updated 5 December 2018 under Ask Us.

It sounds like you have some things you are worried about and your worries are affecting a number of areas of your life.  If you can get help for your […]

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