I have twin 14 year old daughters. I am wondering, what are the best vitamins for them?

vitaminGreat question! The best​ way for your daughters to get all of the vitamins that they need is by eating a varied diet that includes a good variety of different fruits, vegetables, whole grains, heart-healthy fats, and protein foods (such as beans, tofu, nuts, fish, poultry, eat, dairy). It is especially important for young women to ensure that they are getting enough iron, calcium, and vitamin D. This can be done through foods you eat every day, check out these guides on iron, calcium, and vitamin d. If you can’t incorporate these foods into your diet, you can try taking a supplement such as a multivitamin!

Ask your daughters’ health care provider if you think that they might need supplemental vitamins or minerals. If they are not getting what they need through food due to a limited intake it could be beneficial to have them meet with a registered dietitian.