For Clinicians

female doctorsThis selection of resources is for health care professionals, social workers, teachers, and other adults who work with adolescents. Many of these materials are authored by our staff here at the Center for Young Women’s Health, and others are our recommendations to you. These include health guides (ie, health articles), course materials, teaching curricula and manuals, web sites, and books.

We invite you to print out our online materials or link them to your patient information for electronic health record (EHR) summaries and give them to your patients and students. If you are interested in a more extensive use of our materials, please contact us via our permission request form. Also, please read our legal information to learn more about how you may use our website materials and services.

Health Guides:

Curricula and Manuals:

  • Eating Disorder Toolkit for Health Care Providers - This interactive toolkit and clinician’s guide is for health care providers to use with teens who may have disordered eating or an eating disorder. The materials aim to help teens restore a healthy relationship with food and their body with a practical and individualized approach to nutrition and health.


  • Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Education – The department’s mission is to optimize patient care by providing the most current information and strategies for physicians and allied health professionals. The department offers approximately 255 courses, in which over 60,000 healthcare professionals from over 70 countries have enrolled. The website features and online teaching tool, which allows HMS Faculty to come to the homes and offices of health care professionals throughout the world.

Recommended Websites:

Recommended Books:

  • Coupey, SM. Primary Care of Adolecent Girls. Philadelphia: Hanley and Belfus, 2000.
  • DiClemente, RJ, Hansen, WB and Ponton, LE. Handbook of Adolescent Health Risk Behavior. NY: Plenum Press, 1996.
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  • Greydanus, D, Patel, D, and Pratt, H. Essentials of Adolescent Medicine. McGraw-Hill Companies, 2006.
  • Neinstein, LS. Adolescent Health Care: a Practical Guide. 6th edition. Baltimore: Williams and Wilkins, 2007.
  • Fisher, MM, Alderman, EA, Kreipe, RE, Rosenfield, WD. American Academy of Pediatrics textbook of adolescent health care. [Elk Grove Village, Ill.] : American Academy of Pediatrics, c2011. ISBN: 9781581102697
  • Silber, TJ, Saxena, HJ, editors. Basics in adolescent medicine: a practical manual of signs, symptoms and solutions. New Jersey: World Scientific, 2014. ISBN: 9789814329538
  • Kate Steinbeck, K, Kohn, M. A clinical handbook in adolescent medicine: a guide for health professionals who work with adolescents and young adults. New Jersey : World Scientific, 2013. ISBN: 9789814374033
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