Do you have any tips for dealing with sugar cravings? I have PCOS and I feel like I always crave something sweet, but this leads to me eating a lot of unhealthy things.

hand holding soda can pouring a crazy amount of sugarKeep in mind that there is a difference between craving something sweet and craving sugar. Sugar is a refined carbohydrate often added to foods and beverages to sweeten them and can raise your blood sugar quickly and affect insulin levels. If you are craving something sweet, try to find that flavor in something that has some fiber and/or additional nutrients such as protein or fat. For example, having some fruit with granola and plain yogurt will be sweet but the fiber in the fruit and whole grain oats and the fat and protein in the yogurt will all help to raise your blood sugar more slowly and bring it back down more slowly as well than something like a cookie or donut would. Of course there will be times that you’ll make the choice to have something sugary, and that’s ok! Just try to pair it with a meal rather than having it on its own in order to lessen the effect on your blood sugar.