Epilepsy: Mental Health

Updated 5 October 2022 under Health Guides.

Emotional wellness is important for everyone. It involves being aware of emotional and behavioral changes while still finding ways to enjoy life despite these changes. Mood disorders, like depression and […]

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depressed girl

I think I’m becoming depressed. I really hate myself and I have no motivation to socialize or to do work. My parents don’t believe in me and just aren’t supportive. Are there ways I could go to therapy without them knowing?

Updated 15 December 2021 under Ask Us.

Thank you for outreaching to us. It is really brave to admit when you are struggling and ask for help. Because you’re 18, you are entitled to privacy in your […]

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Remote learning is making me incredibly stressed, sad, miserable, furious, bipolar, and depressed. Sometimes even suicidal. How should I cope?

Updated 28 September 2020 under Ask Us.

Thank you so much for your question. Remote learning can be a challenge, and there is a lot going on right now that can make it feel hard to cope […]

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School Violence

Updated 19 November 2020 under Health Guides.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the term “school violence” refers to violence that disrupts learning and occurs on school property before, during, or after school as well […]

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I have some symptoms of depression. Should I contact someone to test me for depression?

Updated 2 April 2020 under Ask Us.

Healthcare providers “test” for depression by asking questions about what you’re going through. Unfortunately, there’s not a blood test for depression just yet! Your doctor will ask about your mood, […]

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I feel very insecure about everything from my own labia, my sexuality, and the topic of sex. It fuels my depression and I need to talk it out. Is it okay to tell my therapist, even if I go into detail?

Updated 29 October 2019 under Ask Us.

This is a an excellent question, and it’s great that you are asking it! Finding clarity and support with these concerns will hopefully help you feel a lot better and […]

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I have severe depression and I got horrible grades last year. I want to do well in school but it’s hard when I’m always sad and tired. What are some tips to succeed?

Updated 18 September 2019 under Ask Us.

Thank you for your question, and kudos to you for reaching out! Asking for help can be very difficult. By asking this question, you are taking steps to take care […]

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My best friend had a crush. She was in love. We thought they were going to get married. But she just found out that he’s dating another girl. How can I help my best friend to cope?

Updated 25 October 2017 under Ask Us.

It’s so great of you to want to help your friend.  Most crushes and relationships during the teen years are a great way to learn about how to have relationships, […]

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