girl panicking

Panic Attacks

Updated 13 August 2020 under Health Guides.

Getting nervous before giving a presentation at school or before a big game is normal – but if you’ve ever felt like you’re going to lose control, have a heart […]

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Counseling and Therapy

Updated 25 February 2022 under Health Guides.

Mental health and wellness is something all humans need to take care of. After all, each of us has a brain that impacts our feelings and emotions. Sometimes we need […]

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depressed girl


Updated 27 October 2021 under Health Guides.

Depression is a psychological condition that affects your feelings, behaviors, and thoughts. You may have feelings of sadness or irritability, a lack of energy, feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness, or […]

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purple eating disorder ribbon

Eating Disorders: Evaluation and Treatment Team

Updated 18 May 2023 under Health Guides.

Teens with eating disorder behaviors or symptoms may be referred to an eating disorder program by their pediatrician, family doctor, or nurse practitioner. While no two programs are exactly the […]

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girl crying

I cut myself. How do I get help without telling my parents?

Updated 26 March 2014 under Ask Us.

Making a decision to stop self-injuring is a big first step. Remember that learning healthier ways to handle intense feelings will take time. The key to recovering is to get […]

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Suicide Prevention

Updated 29 June 2020 under Health Guides.

As a teen, it’s normal to feel sad, down in the dumps, irritable (easily annoyed or angry), or even depressed once in a while. Most of the time you’ll be […]

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LGBTQ: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Mental Health and Resources

Updated 18 May 2018 under Health Guides.

Adolescence can be an exciting but also a challenging time, since it is a period when bodies change, schoolwork is more difficult, and friends and families might not understand your […]

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