How do I know if I have a mental health problem? Lately, I feel like something’s not quite right but I don’t know if it’s bad enough to get professional help. Overall, my life is well and I don’t want to waste time and worry people.

Updated 19 June 2023 under Ask Us.

It can be hard to know when you’re feeling sad/mad/worried/etc., or if these are just passing feelings, or a sign of something bigger. Please reach out to a trusted adult, […]

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I have had trichotillomania for around 4-5 years and my mom wants to sign me up for a support group, but I kinda freak out when I talk in front of large groups even if it’s online and you can remain anonymous and not show your face. What should I do?

Updated 23 July 2020 under Ask Us.

It is completely normal to be nervous about trying something new, especially when it involves sharing personal information with others. Most support groups are small, so it is unlikely that […]

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I have some symptoms of depression. Should I contact someone to test me for depression?

Updated 2 April 2020 under Ask Us.

Healthcare providers “test” for depression by asking questions about what you’re going through. Unfortunately, there’s not a blood test for depression just yet! Your doctor will ask about your mood, […]

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I feel very insecure about everything from my own labia, my sexuality, and the topic of sex. It fuels my depression and I need to talk it out. Is it okay to tell my therapist, even if I go into detail?

Updated 29 October 2019 under Ask Us.

This is a an excellent question, and it’s great that you are asking it! Finding clarity and support with these concerns will hopefully help you feel a lot better and […]

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Lately my body image has been poor about myself. I honestly feel so ugly and it makes me sad and depressed. I honestly feel like no one will think I’m cute or even pretty, and compliments I do get I throw down. How can this feeling be stopped?

Updated 7 October 2019 under Ask Us.

Thank you for submitting this important question! Poor body image is a difficult feeling that many teenagers (and adults) deal with. During the teenage years, there are many changes happening […]

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I have severe depression and I got horrible grades last year. I want to do well in school but it’s hard when I’m always sad and tired. What are some tips to succeed?

Updated 18 September 2019 under Ask Us.

Thank you for your question, and kudos to you for reaching out! Asking for help can be very difficult. By asking this question, you are taking steps to take care […]

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When I’m stressed, I just want to go back to being little, when there wasn’t work to do and all I had to do was play. How can I get over feeling so nostalgic?

Updated 21 November 2018 under Ask Us.

Life can get stressful for all of us at times.  As we get older, it seems like there is more to do and everything is more complicated.  The teen years […]

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