Is it normal for your vagina to be loose and look different after having sex a few times?

Updated 29 July 2022 under Ask Us.

The idea that penis-in-vagina (PIV) sex causes the vagina to become “loose” or stretched-out is a myth (meaning it is made-up) that goes back hundreds of years. You may have […]

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I am a virgin, but I have been exploring with masturbation. A few days ago, I masturbated a lot in one day and I noticed my labia (lips) were swollen? Did I masturbate too much? Why does this happen?

Updated 24 February 2021 under Ask Us.

  Masturbation is the practice of touching or rubbing your genitals. It’s a completely normal and healthy practice that typically starts after someone starts puberty. Masturbation should be done with […]

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I am really self-conscious about my labia. It doesn’t look like everyone else’s. My labia is big and stretched out. I am curious about labiaplasty (plastic surgery). Is it possible for me to get it now or should I wait until I am older?

Updated 29 June 2020 under Ask Us.

Thank you for your question. It is common for girls to feel self-conscious about their labias and we hope our response will help you feel a bit better. Labia is […]

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Is it normal for my inner and/or outer labia (lips of the vagina) to be itchy and peeling?

Updated 3 February 2021 under Ask Us.

There are a lot of different reasons why someone might experience vaginal itchiness and peeling. That being said, a great place to start is by scheduling an appointment to see […]

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I feel very insecure about everything from my own labia, my sexuality, and the topic of sex. It fuels my depression and I need to talk it out. Is it okay to tell my therapist, even if I go into detail?

Updated 29 October 2019 under Ask Us.

This is a an excellent question, and it’s great that you are asking it! Finding clarity and support with these concerns will hopefully help you feel a lot better and […]

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I have this weird feeling that my vagina doesn’t seem normal. I have two folds of skin that cover the middle of my vagina. Is this normal?

Updated 11 September 2019 under Ask Us.

The two folds of skin that you describe are likely your “labia”, which are located on the outside of your vagina and are completely normal. The medical word for these […]

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