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Body art has been a form of self-expression for centuries. For some it may be a fashion statement, and for others, a tattoo may have religious, cultural or personal meaning. … read more

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mosquitoZika Virus

Zika is a virus transmitted through infected (Aedes) mosquitos that could cause serious health concerns in some people. Scientists are working hard to understand this health problem however there are … read more

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sore throatMononucleosis

Have you ever heard of “the kissing disease”? Mononucleosis (pronounced mon-o-nuke-lee-o-sis, or “mono” for short) got this nickname because people can pass it through their saliva when they kiss. Kissing … read more

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Sexual Consent

Everyone who wants to deserves to have great sex- and sexual consent is an important part of that. This guide will talk about what consent is, how to ask for … read more

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feminine productsMenstrual Periods

Puberty is the time when your body changes because of hormones produced by your ovaries. Puberty usually starts between age 8 and 13 and includes growth of your breasts, the … read more

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