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I recently became friends with a new classmate. I really like them, but they constantly ask me to send dirty (nude) pictures. I did send one and now I feel really guilty. Is it OK to send a picture of myself in my bra and underwear? How can I get my friend to stop asking for these pictures?

Great question! For starters, if your friend or partner is worthy of your friendship, then they shouldn’t be pressuring you into doing something you don’t feel comfortable doing. If you … read more

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depressed girlI’m really concerned, depressed and scared at the state of the world and what my life is turning into, with the coronavirus and wildfires and all the violence and hate in the world and it’s really hurting my mental health. I’m terrified of going back to school in-person with the coronavirus and being infected with something that I could bring home that could kill my family. I had 2 panic attacks this week because I thought school was happening in-person. I’m feeling really really anxious and depressed, and I feel like there’s no hope. I don’t know what’s happening except that it’s bad. What can I do to cope with it all? Please help!​

Thank you for your questions; there is certainly a lot happening in the world and a lot of people are experiencing similar thoughts and feelings. While it can be so … read more

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My boyfriend and I have tried to have sex many times, but every time he tries to insert his penis it really hurts. Recently, I tried touching the opening of my vagina with a finger, again I had really bad pain. We did get his penis in all the way one time, but it was painful. Please help!

So glad you asked us this question! For some, conversations about sex are awkward or uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be this way. Talking about sex is how you learn, especially … read more

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