Recently I have been dreaming about having romantic feelings and kissing girls. Yet, I also dream about the same thing with boys! Does this mean I am “bi” (bi-sexual)? The thing is I prefer to be with boys in a romantic relationship, help please!

Hi there, thanks for reaching out with your question. It is completely and totally normal to have dreams that aren’t necessarily accurate or realistic to how things are for you when you’re awake. You don’t have any conscious control over your dreams and dreams do not necessarily carry hidden or secret meanings. How many dreams do you remember having that were truly realistic in every way? Not many, right? That said, it’s also healthy and very normal for people your age to be trying to sort out their sexual orientation and gender identity, and that includes imagining all kinds of romantic encounters even while awake. Some people don’t think about these sorts of things at all when they’re awake and that’s totally fine too. It’s all normal! Hope that helps!