I just finished a 7 day break from my birth control pills. I am starting my second pack of pills. Will I be protected against pregnancy right away?

Awesome question! Protection against pregnancy really depends on when you took your 7-day pill break. Most birth control pill packs contain 21 active (contain hormones) pills and 7 placebo (no hormones) pills. Most people have a period during the placebo week, which is typically 7 days. If that is the pill break you are referring to, then great, you are protected! If not, a good way to ensure protection against pregnancy is to start a new pill pack within 5 days of your last period. If you haven’t had a period in the last 5 days, it’s a good idea to use protection! That way you have an added layer of protection against pregnancy and they are always important for prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).