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Two nights ago, the area around my pubic hair really started to itch. Sometimes it is itchy on the outer labia, but mostly around the top of my pubic area. I am not sexually active, I don’t have a vaginal discharge, and I haven’t shaved my pubic hair either. But the itching is driving me mad. Please help?

The medical term for persistent itching of the vulva is “Pruritis Vulvae”. (The vulva is everything that is on the outside of a woman’s body from her pubic hair to … read more

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I want to stop my periods, completely because the pain is so intense, and while not as bad as some, it’s still rather unbearable for me, as I’m bed-ridden and sometimes I can’t attend school because of this. At this point I would have my uterus and ovaries out if that would stop my pain. I plan on talking to my health provider about this as well, but I would like some advice first.

Having painful periods (dysmenorrhea) and perhaps pelvic pain at other times during the month can be frustrating to deal with, especially if it is interfering with your ability to attend … read more

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