My partner said that when he enters inside me, he feels something like a barrier or a lump. This kind of barrier hurts when touched. What can it be? Because of this, I can’t have normal sex. (I have never had sex before.)

Updated 10 April 2023 under Ask Us.

You are not alone, pain with penetration is a lot more common than you think! However, it is hard to know what the barrier or lump may be that is […]

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Is it normal for a virgin girl to bleed a lot after sex?

Updated 21 June 2018 under Ask Us.

Not everyone who has sex for the first time will bleed. For those who do experience bleeding after their first sexual experience, it is usually spotting but not heavy bleeding. […]

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girl with hands over groin

What can I use to prevent vaginal dryness and peeling?

Updated 5 February 2018 under Ask Us.

In general, you can usually prevent vaginal dryness and dry skin by avoiding irritants. An “irritant” is something that causes “irritation” which can lead to redness, dryness, peeling skin, or […]

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I’m 19 and a virgin and have a septate hymen. Is it okay to have sex with a septate hymen or should I get it removed first? Please help!

Updated 22 November 2017 under Ask Us.

You can see in the picture below of the “septate hymen” that you have an extra band of hymeneal tissue that is partly blocking the opening to your vagina. Ask […]

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Cystic Fibrosis: What Should I Know About Sex?

Updated 17 September 2019 under Health Guides.

You may be thinking about what it means to be involved in a sexual relationship. It’s normal to think about sex and have sexual feelings. Having CF has no impact […]

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Updated 8 May 2022 under Health Guides.

Vaginismus is a symptom of a larger condition called genito-pelvic pain and penetration disorder. Vaginismus is feeling of pain around the vaginal opening. This occurs because the muscles at the […]

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Updated 23 August 2022 under Health Guides.

What is vulvodynia? Vulvodynia is pain or discomfort when the area around the vaginal opening (vestibule) is touched, particularly when pressure is applied such as after trying to insert a […]

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Is it normal to bleed A LOT when losing your virginity? I don’t understand why, and I’m quite nervous, to be honest. It was my first time and my boyfriend had to stop because I couldn’t handle the pain.

Updated 30 April 2015 under Ask Us.

It is normal for some women to bleed the first time they have vaginal intercourse but at the same time some women don’t bleed at all, and that’s normal too. […]

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condoms and measuring tape

Is it possible for a penis to be too large to enter a vagina?

Updated 21 January 2014 under Ask Us.

When a woman feels aroused or interested in having sex, her vagina makes a natural lubricant that helps glide a male’s penis into the vagina. It also helps if the […]

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personal lubricant and male condom

While having sex I get very dry and sore. Is this normal?

Updated 16 January 2014 under Ask Us.

No. Your vagina produces natural lubrication that makes intercourse comfortable. Lack of lubrication may be due to you not feeling aroused or from taking certain medications. Sometimes vaginal soreness can […]

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