How can I get my family to stop piling everything on me? I feel like Luisa from Encanto, where she has to take everything on.

Thanks so much for reaching out about this dilemma you’re facing with your family.  Sounds like you are in a very stressful position!  Here’s the thing though- as much as we wish this wasn’t true, we really don’t have the power to change other people – we can only change ourselves and how we react to a situation and see if that influences changes in the behavior of the people around us.  So perhaps the question “What can I do differently that would change how my family piles things on me?” would lead you to a better outcome. Brainstorm answers of things you could try, make a list, and try different ideas until you find one that works.  Examples could include: approaching a family member and telling them your feelings about this, or simply responding “no, I am not able to do that for you” when someone puts a responsibility on you that you do not wish to accept.  Try things on and see what works!  Good luck!