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painful crampsI took the Quiz on your page to find out if I have endometriosis and it came back that I have “one or more of the symptoms that can be caused by problems such as endometriosis, irritable bowel syndrome, or lactose intolerance, or a sexually transmitted infection (STI).” I have no idea what to do because I’m on vacation right now. Can you help?

The first thing you should do is tell a parent or guardian that you have been having painful periods/and or pain. Mention that you took a quiz about pelvic pain and … read more

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Do I have Endometriosis?

Young women with endometriosis usually have certain symptoms. Our quiz was created to help you find out if you have one or more of the most common symptoms associated with endometriosis. This quiz is designed as an educational tool and is not a substitute for medical advice by your health care providers.

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