What vitamins and/or supplements can I take to help treat and manage my PCOS?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormone imbalance that can cause irregular periods, unwanted hair growth, and acne. There are medications available that can be used to help manage your symptoms. Some examples may include; acne medications, topical creams, or birth control pills. Additionally, you may also be prescribed a medication called metformin that will help control insulin levels as well as your acne. Your provider may also recommend following a healthy dietary pattern. These may include high-fiber carbohydrates (like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains), balanced carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and having smaller frequent meals throughout the day. Additionally, exercise can also be extremely helpful in managing insulin levels.

There are many vitamins and supplements that have made buzz in the media over the past few years to help manage blood sugar levels, insulin, weight, and PCOS at large. You may have heard of vitamin D supplements because of its relationship to bone health, hormones, and fertility, fish oil supplements for its impact on insulin levels, inflammation, and blood pressure, or magnesium for glucose and insulin control. These supplements and vitamins are marketed towards women with PCOS presuming that you might be deficient in these nutrients. If you eat a well-balanced diet, you are likely getting all the nutrients you need through food. If you are concerned about your diet, reach out to your doctor to get your blood levels checked. Getting connected to a dietitian might also be a helpful place to start.