Endometriosis runs in my family and my mom thinks I have it. I have really painful periods, but on my periods I have a lot of back pain to the point where it makes me cry and not want to walk. Is that normal?

Updated 24 February 2023 under Ask Us.

Thank you for asking such an important question, especially since next month (March) is endometriosis awareness month! Did you know that 1 in 10 people born with female reproductive organs […]

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I hurt my back in summer softball. Coach and trainer said it didn’t look like anything major. A week has passed and it’s not any better. Medicine and rest haven’t helped. Money is tight but how do I know if I should go to the doctor?

Updated 16 August 2021 under Ask Us.

Thanks for your question. During sports people may experience different types of injury, including muscle sprains and strains. Most of them are mild and recover with rest, time, and pain […]

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