Hi, lately I have been feeling sad, lonely, suicidal and tired. It’s been two years since my parents got a divorce but my parents still fight (in court) for custody of me and my siblings. I just started a new school and I kinda like it, but most of the time I feel empty like there is no purpose of living life.

I told my parents I feel suicidal but they don’t seem to care…If they could care a bit about how i feel it would make my day. I have trouble in math and sometimes I cry to myself saying “I am stupid, my parents won’t be proud of me”…I am WORTHLESS please help.

I’m sorry to hear you feel so down. It sounds like your parents want to do the best for you but might not be able to let you know that. You must get help right away. The first place to check is your guidance counselor at school. They may be able to help you by listening to your feelings and worries. They might also be able to talk to your parents and recommend a therapist. Your health care provider would also be a good person to ask for help recommending a therapist.

I know things feel very bad right now but you will have a lot of chances for happiness in the future. Please look for an activity or sport at school that will give you other things to think about and other students to become friends with. If you can’t stop feeling so down or suicidal very soon, go to your guidance counselor or call your health care provider’s office and tell them you need help right away. If all else fails, call your local police and tell them you need to go to an emergency room for help. You can also call a suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255. I hope you feel better soon.