I am 5’7 and underweight, but my doctor has told me I am at a “healthy” weight. If this is all true, then why is my butt covered in stretch marks?!?

This is a great question, thank you so much for asking. For starters, it is important to mention that EVERY body is different in their own beautiful and special way. Stretch marks aka “tiger stripes” are completely normal and rather common among teens and adults. They typically appear during puberty and can occur on the hips, butt, stomach, breasts, and/or thighs. In 80% of people born in a female body, stretch marks appear on their hips.  Unfortunately, due to filters and airbrushing, it is difficult to realize just how common stretch marks are because most pictures (yes, even the ones on social media) have been filtered or touched up!

Stretch marks appear due to rapid stretching and growth of your skin, such as with sudden weight gain or during puberty or pregnancy. Our skin is super stretchy, but sometimes it reaches a limit and the collagen (the protein that makes up your skin) becomes overloaded and begins to break down, resulting in a stretch mark. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your stretch marks, speak to your health care provider (HCP) or a dermatologist (skin doctor).