I ruined my relationship with my parents unintentionally. A trusted family member manipulated me into agreeing to say bad things about my parents and blamed it on me and pretend to show concern. What should I do to fix it? They hate me now.

We’re so sorry you’re in such a tricky situation!  This sounds like a challenging situation and without knowing more of the details, we think would be best for you to find a trusted adult who you can share the details with so that they can guide you on the best approach.  Is there a school counselor, a family friend, a clergy person, or another trusted adult you feel comfortable talking to?  Your medical provider might also be able to help connect you to someone to talk with as well.  You can also try texting the crisis text line by texting the word “HELP” to 741741 and a trained volunteer could listen and possibly help you think about the next steps.  The good news is that this is very likely a temporary situation and we hope you can get it resolved quickly!