Is it weird that I have sexual dreams?

This is an excellent question! The short answer to this is, no! It is not weird to have sexual dreams!

It may be helpful to answer this question by explaining why we dream! When we sleep, dreams are the way that our brain processes and stores thoughts and memories from the day. Dreams can also communicate things that we are nervous, stressed, or excited about.

As we begin to go through puberty, we may begin to have thoughts about wanting to be closer to others, physically, emotionally, or otherwise – maybe in ways we have not thought of before! With all of these changes, the brain is working extra hard to make sense of and store all of what we are learning. Knowing this, sexual dreams are not odd, because as teens, the brain and body are trying to make sense of the changes in our body that we are experiencing – which is a lot!

Making sure that you get plenty of sleep is also helpful to make sure that you are giving your brain the time it needs to store and process all of your thoughts. If you ever have trouble sleeping, having a consistent bedtime routine can also help! So get some good sleep so your brain can get to work!