coffee and soda

Which is better – coffee or diet soda?

Updated 22 January 2014 under Ask Us.

There may be some health benefits related to drinking coffee, such as lowering the risk for Type 2 diabetes in adults, but coffee drinks that have added sugar and cream […]

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Updated 4 April 2023 under Health Guides.

Foods such as wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal, barley, quinoa or products made from these ingredients are considered grains. Grains are high in carbohydrates which provide energy to your brain and […]

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Vitamin D

Updated 27 March 2023 under Health Guides.

What is vitamin D? Vitamin D is a vitamin that helps your immune system function effectively, reduces inflammation, and helps your body absorb calcium. Calcium is a mineral that gives strength to […]

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dark green vegetables

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

Updated 10 April 2023 under Health Guides.

Dark green leafy vegetables are good sources of many vitamins (such as vitamins A, C, and K and folate) and minerals (such as iron and calcium). They’re also great sources of fiber. Research […]

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healthy fats

Dietary Fat and Cholesterol

Updated 3 August 2023 under Health Guides.

Dietary fat found in food is important for your health and is needed for your body’s normal growth and development. Dietary fat has many different functions in your body, including: […]

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girl in kitchen

Healthy Eating

Updated 12 April 2023 under Health Guides.

What is “healthy eating?” Healthy eating is a way of balancing the food you eat to keep your body and mind strong, energized, and well nourished. Healthy eating is an […]

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I’ve heard of glucose, but what is it?

Updated 21 November 2013 under Ask Us.

Glucose is a type of sugar and the main source of energy used by your body. Glucose comes from many kinds of foods called “carbohydrates”, such as cereal, bread, rice, […]

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nutrition facts label

Nutrition Facts Label

Updated 26 December 2023 under Health Guides.

The Nutrition Facts Label explains what nutrients (components of food your body needs to grow and stay healthy) and how much of those nutrients are found in one serving of […]

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Vitamin B12

Updated 23 August 2022 under Health Guides.

Vitamin B12 is needed to keep your blood cells healthy and is used by the body to make proteins like hormones and enzymes needed for digestion. Most people can easily […]

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Endometriosis: Nutrition and Exercise

Updated 29 November 2022 under Health Guides.

If you’ve been diagnosed with endometriosis, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to feel better aside from taking medication. Appropriate nutrition and exercise play an […]

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