Lately my body image has been poor about myself. I honestly feel so ugly and it makes me sad and depressed. I honestly feel like no one will think I’m cute or even pretty, and compliments I do get I throw down. How can this feeling be stopped?

Thank you for submitting this important question! Poor body image is a difficult feeling that many teenagers (and adults) deal with. During the teenage years, there are many changes happening to your body. You’re also getting many messages from TV, film, and social media about what the “ideal body” should look like, which makes it hard not to compare yourself to others, and get down on yourself about the way you look. It can be very helpful to remind yourself of things about your body and your personality that you like and appreciate. Try making a list of 5 or more things you like about yourself, and put the list on your mirror or somewhere you can see it when you’re upset. Doing something that you enjoy such as sports, music, theater, art or hobby can also be helpful for building a positive self-image. If your worries about your body are causing you to feel sad and depressed most of the time, talking to a counselor can be really helpful for working on self-image, self-esteem, and depressed mood. Talk to your health care provider, parent(s), teacher or another trusted adult. They can help you find a counselor to meet with.