I have a large birth mark on my face. I am really worried that I will never find true love? Will I find someone who loves me even though I have a birth mark?

Every single person on this earth is uniquely beautiful, both inside and out, in his, her, or their own way. It’s not uncommon for someone to be born with a birthmark, develop a facial scar, or have a uniquely shaped face. A great example is freckles: some people have lots and lots and some people have none! Regardless of how someone may look, it’s normal for someone to have negative thoughts about their appearance, especially if it feels different due to a burn, birth defect, or other diseases/disorders. The negative thoughts and feelings can be hard to block out, but it’s important to try and find beauty and positivity. Highlighting the positives in one’s appearance can be a game changer! A positive attitude can be super helpful in building a relationship with your body image that is strong, confident, and healthy!

Remember, we are all beautiful and strong individuals in our own way. A good life-partner will look past one’s appearance and see what truly matters, inner beauty!