Are anal and vaginal douching products like Summer’s Eve® safe to use?

Updated 7 October 2022 under Ask Us.

Great question! Let’s talk about the difference between vaginal and anal douching and their safety. One of the many amazing things about your vagina is that it’s self-cleaning. If you’ve […]

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Is it normal for your vagina to be loose and look different after having sex a few times?

Updated 29 July 2022 under Ask Us.

The idea that penis-in-vagina (PIV) sex causes the vagina to become “loose” or stretched-out is a myth (meaning it is made-up) that goes back hundreds of years. You may have […]

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Updated 16 November 2021 under Health Guides.

Vaginoscopy  is a diagnostic exam that uses a tiny camera on a long, thin, flexible piece of plastic to examine the inside of the vagina. The tiny camera can capture […]

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