Fitness: Cardiovascular Movement

Updated 25 July 2023 under Health Guides.

Cardiovascular exercise, often referred to simply as “cardio” is a form of aerobic exercise that gets your heart beating faster than usual and your lungs breathing heavier than normal. The […]

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Dietary Supplements

Updated 18 January 2022 under Health Guides.

What are dietary supplements? The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) definition of a dietary supplement is “a product intended for ingestion that contains a ‘dietary ingredient’ intended to add further […]

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I’ve heard I should take “pre workout” supplement powder before exercising to improve my performance. Is this safe?

Updated 22 November 2021 under Ask Us.

There is no need to take a pre workout supplement. It’s important to remember that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t regulate the production of supplements (such as vitamins, performance […]

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My stomach sticks out but I’m not technically overweight. I’ve been doing 50 sit-ups in bed every night for about 5 months. It doesn’t seem to be helping. Should I tell my parents about my secret exercise, and how do I get rid of belly fat?

Updated 14 May 2020 under Ask Us.

Thanks for asking this question! Every body is different and unique. There is not one body shape or size that is right for everyone, and many different factors, including genetics, […]

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How can I exercise when I’m social distancing and stuck indoors?

Updated 3 April 2020 under Ask Us.

Thanks for your question. Right now, we are all adjusting to new schedules and life routines. We congratulate you on wanting to make sure to keep yourself healthy by following […]

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gym class

I joined the gym 2 months ago to just be active. I thought I would get used to it but I absolutely hate going to the gym. Everyone suggests that I keep going but even thinking about having to go to the gym ruins my day. Is it a bad idea to give up?

Updated 28 August 2019 under Ask Us.

Thanks for your question! Two months of trying out the gym seems like a sufficient amount of time to know if you like going or not. If you want to […]

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I like to work out but afterwards my body shakes. I was wondering what food I can eat after a workout to help prevent shaking and refuel my body?

Updated 7 March 2019 under Ask Us.

It’s great that you like to work out! If your body is shaking after your workout, it may mean you are experiencing muscle fatigue (aka your muscles are tired). During […]

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Exercise: Strategies to Keep you Moving During the Winter

Updated 6 April 2023 under Health Guides.

Exercising during the winter months can be tough, especially if you live in a cold climate where it gets dark super early. This can make it hard to stay motivated.  […]

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Can exercise make your period lighter?

Updated 12 December 2016 under Ask Us.

Yes, especially if you are thin or not taking in enough nutrition to fuel your body. Participation in gym class exercise or an afterschool soccer team usually doesn’t affect your […]

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Updated 25 October 2023 under Health Guides.

Did you know that about two-thirds of your body is made up of water? That’s a lot! Even though it’s normal to lose some water every day, there may be […]

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