I had my first period at age 12, but I haven’t have another one since. I am 16 years old now. What is wrong with me?

Updated 4 August 2021 under Ask Us.

This is such a great question, so glad you asked! Amenorrhea (pronounced “a-men-or-re-ah”) means absent or no menstrual period. There are two different types of amenorrhea, primary and secondary. Primary […]

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girl on scale

During the past three or so months I have lost about 7-8kg (about 17 lbs.) but not in a healthy way. I haven’t gotten my period for about two months, and I’m worried. I’m still counting my calories but I’m scared because I don’t want to have any issues.

Updated 30 August 2017 under Ask Us.

You seem to recognize that your weight loss, counting calories and not having regular periods may all be signs of a health concern such as an eating disorder. It’s great […]

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What are some reasons (besides being pregnant) that your period is late?

Updated 9 August 2017 under Ask Us.

First, make sure that you counted your cycle correctly. The first day of bleeding is the first day of your cycle. Count from cycle day 1 until the 28th day. […]

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I am the only one of my friends that hasn’t had period yet. Is it dangerous?

Updated 5 April 2017 under Ask Us.

Everyone goes through puberty at a different time, which means girls get their periods at different times too. Most girls get their period about 2 to 2.5 years after they […]

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Can exercise make your period lighter?

Updated 12 December 2016 under Ask Us.

Yes, especially if you are thin or not taking in enough nutrition to fuel your body. Participation in gym class exercise or an afterschool soccer team usually doesn’t affect your […]

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birth control pills

I am on continuous hormonal pills so I don’t get a period. Where does the blood go? and is it dangerous not to have a period?

Updated 21 December 2015 under Ask Us.

Taking hormonal treatment continuously as prescribed by your health care provider is not dangerous. While some women have spotting while on continuous birth control pills, many women do not have […]

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I have extreme pelvic pain, as well as irregular periods. Sometimes I don’t get my period at all. Could there be something wrong?

Updated 19 June 2015 under Ask Us.

It is common to have irregular periods the first year that you start your period, but that doesn’t explain your “extreme pelvic pain” which isn’t normal. You should definitely make […]

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I have labial hypertrophy (enlarged labia) and haven’t gotten my period yet although my mother and sister got it when they were 13 years old. Does the fact that I have large labia have anything to do with me not getting my period yet?

Updated 15 December 2014 under Ask Us.

No. Having enlarged labia (pronounced: lay-bee-al hi-per-tro-fee) will not affect when your period will start but other things can, such as a hormone imbalance or low weight. In fact, the size […]

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