girl panicking

I have a lot of panic attacks for instance before exams or an oral presentation. I did some yoga exercises to learn how to breathe calmly but it didn’t help. It isn’t easy to live with panic attacks. What can I do?

Updated 5 September 2018 under Ask Us.

Panic attacks are extremely difficult to deal with. The symptoms, which can include shortness of breath, chest tightness, sweating and stomach upset are frightening and may make people worry that […]

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I’m bisexual and my grandparents are super against gay people. I have a girlfriend and I want her to meet my family but I’m afraid that my grandparents won’t love me anymore. What should I do?​

Updated 24 August 2018 under Ask Us.

First we would like to acknowledge how difficult of a position you are in. It’s wonderful that you have found a partner, and it is a natural next step to […]

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I can’t stop eating. Is this normal, or should I be concerned?​

Updated 11 July 2018 under Ask Us.

As a teenager it’s normal to feel hungrier than you have in the past because your body needs more energy than before since you are growing and developing. However, if […]

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Recently I have stopped experiencing emotions and am having weird and scary thoughts. I am not experiencing any guilt. My friends think I am getting really manipulative. Is something wrong with me?

Updated 14 May 2018 under Ask Us.

It sounds like you are noticing some changes in how you think, feel and behave that worry you, and that your friends also notice some changes in you. Sometimes when […]

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My best friend had a crush. She was in love. We thought they were going to get married. But she just found out that he’s dating another girl. How can I help my best friend to cope?

Updated 25 October 2017 under Ask Us.

It’s so great of you to want to help your friend.  Most crushes and relationships during the teen years are a great way to learn about how to have relationships, […]

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unzipped jeans

Why do I feel such guilt about masturbating? My religion doesn’t prevent me from doing it, my mom has even said it is normal, and I want to really badly but I know I will feel horrible if I do! Please help!

Updated 22 August 2017 under Ask Us.

You may want to get to know your body from the freckles on your face to how it feels when you touch your genitals. Begin by noticing different parts of your […]

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Is it normal to feel depressed and suicidal before your period?

Updated 20 June 2017 under Ask Us.

Many girls and women experience a wide range of feelings  before and during their periods. When a person becomes very depressed before every period but is usually okay at other […]

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I need help building a positive body image. Because I am skinny, lack curves, and still wear a size A. I feel like boys aren’t attracted to me. What should I do?

Updated 16 February 2017 under Ask Us.

You are not alone in your desire to build a more positive body image. Adolescence is an especially tough time for body image. One important thing to remember is that […]

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I’m not sure when or how to apologize for something I did. Can you help?

Updated 10 February 2017 under Ask Us.

Usually you will know in your heart when you should apologize. Typically you will feel badly if you said or did something that hurt someone else. Sometimes you may not […]

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