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water safetyWater Safety

Many people enjoy being in or around water once the weather starts to heat up. Whether it’s at the neighborhood pool, the beach, or a nearby lake, swimming or taking … read more

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cliquePeer Pressure

“Take one sip. Just try one hit. What’s the problem? What are you afraid of?” Sometimes your friends may ask you to do things that you aren’t comfortable with. Sometimes … read more

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Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis)

Have you heard of someone having conjunctivitis? Have you heard of someone having pink eye? Did you know that they’re the same thing? Conjunctivitis (also known as pink eye) is … read more

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Abnormal Pap Tests

You may have been told by your health care provider (HCP) that your Pap test results were abnormal. Maybe you’re worried and wondering what this means and how it will affect … read more

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purple eating disorder ribbonEating Disorders: Myths

Myth: Everyone with an eating disorder is underweight. Truth: Eating disorders effect individuals across the weight spectrum. Eating disorders do not discriminate based on body-size.   Myth: Eating disorders are just an extreme … read more

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Foods such as wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal, barley, quinoa or products made from these foods are considered grains. Grains are high in carbohydrates which provide energy to your brain and … read more

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is the most common gastrointestinal (digestive) disorder in the U.S. According to research studies, nearly 22-35.5% of teens and adolescents have symptoms of IBS, which is … read more

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