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sore throatTonsillitis

Have you ever wondered what’s in the back of your throat? Besides your uvula (the piece of tissue that hangs down in the middle and looks like a tiny punching … read more

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listening to musicHearing and Music

When you’re listening to music with headphones or earbuds, do people around you ever complain because they can hear your music, too? After a pop or rock concert, do you … read more

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Lyme Disease

If you live near the coast in the northeast part of the United States, the mid-Atlantic region, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Virginia, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Michigan, California, or some parts of Europe or … read more

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What does it mean to be a virgin? The answer to this question is actually tricky because depending on someone’s culture, religion, and life experience, a guy, girl, teen or … read more

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Sugar-Sweetened Beverages

What is a sugar-sweetened beverage? A sugar-sweetened beverage is a drink that has sugar added to it. This includes: Soft Drinks/Soda (Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, Sprite) Sports Drinks (Gatorade, Power-aid) Sweetened … read more

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girl in tanning boothIndoor Tanning

You probably know that too much sun exposure can be harmful to your skin and may lead to wrinkles and skin cancer, but what about indoor tanning? Since you’re not … read more

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girl balancing books on headTime Management

Nobody likes to feel stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, but sometimes these feelings occur when you have a lot to do. If you learn to manage your time, you’ll lessen these … read more

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Acupuncture used to be a treatment that was only practiced in Eastern Asia, but over the years it’s become available in the United States and many other countries. Acupuncture is … read more

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You may have heard that eating fruits (and vegetables) is good for you, but why? Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is associated with a decreased risk of … read more

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