girl sleeping

What should I do if I feel too tired to exercise?

Posted July 21, 2010 under Ask Us.

Try to exercise even if you feel tired. Listening to music can help motivate you! When you exercise, you usually sleep better at night and will have more energy later. […]

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How do I fit exercise into my busy schedule?

Posted July 14, 2010 under Ask Us.

Here are some ideas to start with: Plan a fitness routine. Schedule exercise on your calendar. Find a buddy to exercise with. Start slowly. Begin with 15 minutes and work […]

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yoga ball

Are yoga or exercise balls good to use for toning your body?

Posted July 7, 2010 under Ask Us.

Yoga balls, also known as stability or exercise balls, are a great way to add variety to your muscle conditioning routine. A yoga ball can be used to support your […]

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girl kickboxer

I’m thinking of taking a kickboxing class. Can anyone try this?

Posted June 30, 2010 under Ask Us.

Kickboxing is a great exercise for everyone, no matter what your fitness level is. During class, you’ll learn fun cardio moves that tone the legs, abs, and upper-body. It’s a […]

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gym class

What are the best exercises for weight loss?

Posted June 23, 2010 under Ask Us.

There’s no magic workout for weight loss, but cross training is a healthy plan. Cross training means balancing a variety of cardiovascular, muscle conditioning, and flexibility activities. This prevents boredom, […]

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shin splints

What are shin splints and how do I avoid getting them?

Posted June 16, 2010 under Ask Us.

Shin splints is a term used to describe any pain in the shins, the area in the front of the lower leg below the knee. You usually feel shin splints […]

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girl doing a split

I’m not flexible at all. Do I really need to stretch when I exercise?

Posted June 9, 2010 under Ask Us.

Yes. Proper stretching before and after exercise is important for preventing injuries in all your muscle groups (upper, mid, and lower body). It also decreases your risk of back injury. […]

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gym class

Why do guys seem to get more muscular than girls?

Posted June 2, 2010 under Ask Us.

It’s true; males build muscle faster than females do. This is because guys have more testosterone (a male hormone), which helps form muscle. Since women naturally have less testosterone, they […]

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How can I strengthen my abs?

Posted May 26, 2010 under Ask Us.

Firming your abdominal area takes a regular exercise routine and time. Simple abdominal crunches or sit-ups are easy and effective. You don’t need to buy fancy ab equipment. Combining cardio […]

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apple, water, measuring tape

How can I lose weight just in my stomach?

Posted May 19, 2010 under Ask Us.

There are no exercises or nutrition plans that can target weight loss to a specific area of your body such as your stomach. You can strengthen your core stomach muscles, […]

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