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College Health: Mental Health Issues

Updated 3 December 2021 under Health Guides.

How can I develop a healthy social life at college? Definitely keep in touch with friends and family from home, but make sure you develop new friendships at school. You’ll […]

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Updated 27 October 2021 under Health Guides.

Depression is a psychological condition that affects your feelings, behaviors, and thoughts. You may have feelings of sadness or irritability, a lack of energy, feelings of hopelessness or worthlessness, or […]

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Suicide Prevention

Updated 29 June 2020 under Health Guides.

As a teen, it’s normal to feel sad, down in the dumps, irritable (easily annoyed or angry), or even depressed once in a while. Most of the time you’ll be […]

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LGBTQ: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Mental Health and Resources

Updated 18 May 2018 under Health Guides.

Adolescence can be an exciting but also a challenging time, since it is a period when bodies change, schoolwork is more difficult, and friends and families might not understand your […]

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