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sore throatSore Throat

Sore throat is a common medical condition that usually lasts a couple of days and gets better on its own; however, sometimes a sore throat can be serious. If it … read more

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School Violence

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the term “school violence” refers to violence that disrupts learning and occurs on school property before, during, or after school as well … read more

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mixed-gender friend groupHealthy Relationships

Healthy relationships are fun and make you feel good about yourself. You can have a healthy relationship with anyone in your life, including your family, friends and dating partners. What … read more

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scoliosisScoliosis: General Information

Scoliosis means that your spine, or “backbone,” is curved. Most people with curved spines also have rotated spines. What causes scoliosis? There are different types of scoliosis and different reasons … read more

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PCOS iconsPCOS: Spironolactone

Spironolactone (pronounced: spi–ro–no–lac–tone) is a diuretic or “water pill” that’s prescribed for people who have high blood pressure and for those who have swelling due to extra fluid, but it … read more

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