This might sound crazy but I don’t think I have a vaginal opening or I must have a tiny one. I can’t put a finger in it at all. I can only get above my nail and then I hit a wall. I haven’t gotten my period yet but I’ve had discharge for about a year. I really don’t know what to do because I am too embarrassed to tell my mom but I’m really worried there’s something really wrong with me. Please help!

You seem to be in tune with your body, not crazy! Girls typically get their first period about 2-2 ½ years after they begin to develop breasts and about 6 months after they notice a clear non-itchy vaginal discharge on their underwear. Since you have noticed a vaginal discharge for about a year and you’ve also observed that your vagina seems small, you should ask your mom if you can see your primary care provider (PCP). You could begin a conversation with your mom by asking her when she got her period. Then, you could tell her that you’re worried that you haven’t had a period yet even though you have other symptoms. Ask her if she could help you make an appointment with your provider so you can find out if your development is on track.

There can be different reasons why your vagina appears “tiny.” Sometimes girls are born with extra hymenal tissue. The hymen is the thin membrane that surrounds the opening to the vagina. Other girls are born with an incomplete or small vagina and no uterus or cervix and thus do not have periods. It’s difficult to know for sure why you haven’t had a period yet or why your vagina seems tiny. Getting checked out would be best thing to do at this time. It’s important to tell your provider what you noticed when you were checking out your body- which is perfectly normal!​