How safe is it to shave pubic hair?

Updated 2 June 2020 under Ask Us.

Many people shave or groom their pubic hair for personal reasons, including ideas about attractiveness, comfort, and what a sexual partner may desire. It is important to know that there […]

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What do I do if I accidentally cut myself while shaving?

Updated 17 July 2019 under Ask Us.

Thanks for your question! If you accidentally cut yourself while shaving your legs or underarms, clean the area with warm soapy water, and pat dry. You can also apply a […]

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I’ve been trimming unwanted hairs with mini scissors. Is this healthy?

Updated 2 April 2019 under Ask Us.

Trimming unwanted hair with a proper tool such as good quality mini scissors (that are not dull) is perfectly safe as long as you’re careful not to cut your skin. ​

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How many places in your body can hair grow?

Updated 2 January 2019 under Ask Us.

Hair typically grows on a person’s head but also anywhere on the body except the lips, palms of the hands and the bottom of the feet. Our genes (that are […]

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I have hair on my chest. Is this normal? Do other girls have hair like me?

Updated 13 June 2018 under Ask Us.

Some girls have hair on their chest, around their nipples and/or on their belly area which can be perfectly normal. Extra unwanted hair that is dark and coarse is called “hirsutism,” pronounced: her-suit-is-um, and can […]

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For most of my life I’ve been forced to use a steroid inhaler at least once a month because of my severe asthma. I have hair on my chest but not in the nipple area. Could this be a side effect from using a steroid inhaler?

Updated 19 February 2018 under Ask Us.

Steroid inhalers are often prescribed for people like you with severe asthma. The medication is usually  taken daily with a spacer to lessen asthma symptoms such as inflammation and swelling of […]

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Alopecia Areata

Updated 24 September 2021 under Health Guides.

What is alopecia areata? Alopecia areata pronounced (al-o-PEE-sha, air-ee-AH-tah) is thought to be an auto-immune skin condition that causes hair loss. It is a chronic condition where people can have […]

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I have dark hair and I have noticed that I have a good amount of hair around my anus. Is it normal for women to shave or wax the hair around this area?

Updated 14 June 2016 under Ask Us.

It is normal for both girls and guys to have hair around their anus. Some people have very little hair in this area while others have more. There are no […]

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Are you supposed to shave pubic hair?

Updated 24 February 2016 under Ask Us.

No. You do not need to shave your pubic hair. Some girls decide to remove it (as a personal preference) but there are no health benefits.  In fact, there are […]

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