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TMJ Disorders

What is TMJ? TMJ is short for temporomandibular (tem-pour-o-man-dib-u-lar) joint (disorders/conditions). The TMJ connects the “mandible” (the lower jaw) to the temporol bone (located on either side of your face … read more

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Teens usually don’t talk about their bathroom habits with their friends but if they did, they would find out that everybody has trouble having a BM or bowel movement (pooping) … read more

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MRKH: Treatment Options

If you’ve been told that you have MRKH and your vagina is incomplete or absent, you have the following options: You can do nothing. You can create a vagina without surgery, … read more

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Appendicitis, pronounced “a-pen-di-sigh-tis,” is the inflammation of the appendix which is a tube-shaped organ that is about the size of your index finger. It is located in the lower right … read more

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