How Safe Is It… to wear a tampon to bed?

Updated 31 December 2019 under Ask Us.

How Safe Is It……. to wear a tampon to bed? Answer: It is safe to wear a tampon to bed as long as you follow the directions on the product. […]

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I put a tampon in for about 20 minutes and I wasn’t on my period. Am I going to get TSS (toxic shock syndrome)?

Updated 21 March 2016 under Ask Us.

It would be extremely rare if you got TSS from leaving a tampon in for just 20 minutes. Here’s why: Tampons themselves don’t cause TSS. TSS is actually caused by […]

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Updated 11 June 2022 under Health Guides.

You may feel nervous about using a tampon for the first time. It’s normal to feel nervous, especially if you have any unanswered questions about tampons. What are tampons and […]

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