MD told us to follow a PCOS diet. I noticed dairy and processed breads appear in the sample PCOS menus on this site. Shouldn’t I be avoiding dairy and processed carbs on a PCOS diet?

PCOS iconsA PCOS diet doesn’t involve cutting out dairy or processed carbohydrates. While some sources recommend that people with PCOS avoid dairy because of lactose, there is no evidence to support that dairy consumption is linked to increased insulin levels. All bread is processed as it involves the process of milling, cooking, etc.   It is important to avoid high amounts of refined sugars with PCOS but not all carbohydrates are refined. Finding whole grain carbohydrate sources are essential to managing PCOS by regulating insulin levels, the key hormone dysregulated in PCOS. A PCOS diet should include a balanced diet with vegetables, fruits, whole grains, protein and healthy fats.