I have PCOS and I’m thinking of following a no-carb diet for a month. Can I eat brown rice, pasta, and bread on this diet?

Portrait of young woman with sandwichAvoiding carbs (carbohydrates) all together, (even for just a month), isn’t a great idea because carbs provide your body with energy. Some people believe that eating carbs will cause weight gain but actually, carbs (like any other food) will only cause weight gain if you eat too many of them. Brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and whole wheat bread are all great sources of high-fiber, low-sugar carbohydrates that will help to stabilize your insulin levels. Combine these foods with proteins and fats and you’ll be good to go. A well balanced diet will help to stabilize the sugar released from carbohydrates into the blood to keep insulin levels low. If you have other questions about healthy eating and PCOS, please feel free to check out our PCOS Guides.