Do you have any advice for managing PCOS via diet in college? There are very few healthy/whole grain options at my dining halls, so I always end up reverting to more unhealthy eating habits while I’m here, which I know isn’t good for PCOS.

PCOS iconsThanks for your question! This is really tough – you are trying to make healthy decisions but are not in control of the food available to you. Does your school or campus food service have a Registered Dietitian (RD) on staff? This person could be an ally in terms of figuring out healthy options as well as working with the cafeteria to bring more whole grains into the dining hall. Remember, since you are paying to be there, you are the customer! It can never hurt to request that certain food items be offered in the dining hall such as whole-wheat bread for the sandwich station or whole grain cereal for the breakfast bar. If none of these are options you could resort to bringing your own, for example stock some packets of oatmeal or high fiber crackers in your room. Pair with lean proteins (hard boiled eggs, tuna, beans, chicken, etc), fruit and vegetables, and heart-healthy fats in the dining hall. And when you do have control such as the snacks that you’re enjoying outside of the dining hall, try to ensure that these feature whole grains and protein. For more information visit our guide on PCOS friendly foods.