Hello! So, I’m 15 and I have been thinking about getting the bar (Hormonal implant). I don’t know if I’m too young or if it’s unreasonable for me to get it. Should I get the bar?

Updated 3 January 2018 under Ask Us.

The hormonal implant is a safe and long term birth control option for healthy teens and adult women, however different states and different health clinics have various policies on whether […]

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Cystic Fibrosis: Contraception

Updated 11 November 2019 under Health Guides.

Women with CF are able to get pregnant. An unplanned pregnancy can have a big effect on your health. Some CF medications are “teratogenic,” meaning that they can cause birth […]

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Girl taking a pill

How can I get the morning after pill (emergency contraception) without my parents finding out?

Updated 1 March 2017 under Ask Us.

Talking to your parents about emergency contraception (EC) or finding out how you can start birth control may seem uncomfortable. You might be surprised though to know that many parents […]

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4 days ago, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. My period was supposed to get here yesterday and I am worried I could be pregnant. He said that a bit of semen might have gone in, but that he thinks it wasn’t enough to get pregnant. Is this true?

Updated 2 October 2015 under Ask Us.

No! You can get pregnant anytime you are not using condoms and/or birth control. You can even become pregnant if your partner removes his penis from your vagina before he […]

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My period is 6 days late and I’m starting to worry. It’s never been late before. Should I be worried?

Updated 28 May 2015 under Ask Us.

If you have had sexual contact, you could be pregnant, especially if you are not using a reliable method every time you have sex. We suggest that you see your […]

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mother and daughter argue

I want to go on the pill but don’t want my mom to know – what do I do?

Updated 2 March 2015 under Ask Us.

In many, but not all states in the United States, your health care provider (HCP) can prescribe birth control pills without your parents’ knowledge. You can check whether this rule […]

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I’ve never had sex and I have regular periods without pain. Should I take birth control pills anyway?

Updated 15 January 2015 under Ask Us.

Deciding to take the birth control pill is a very personal choice. For some, the Pill may also help in to make periods lighter, shorter, or more regular. It can […]

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How do I know if a man is wearing a condom correctly?

Updated 7 January 2015 under Ask Us.

Great question! First, you and your partner will need to learn how to use condoms correctly. This begins with opening up the condom wrapper with care. Open the wrapper carefully: Be […]

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I recently started taking birth control. I am on my second pack of pills, and I was wondering when it is safe to have sex without a condom?

Updated 22 December 2014 under Ask Us.

It is never really “safe” to have sex without a condom unless you and your partner are having sex for the very first time and you have never been sexually […]

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